Why I chose to accept the challenge to create content on social media for 1 year

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I am quite different from most of my friends because I have ignored social media for the majority of my life, so why in the world would I choose to post at least 4 pieces of content every day?

I accepted this challenge because my friends and family members that spend lots of time on social media believe that they are too late to the game to make any decent money on the platforms. However, I feel like more people are consuming more social media every day, and we can bring some of that attention to our channels.

It is my opinion that there is always someone that will be interested in your content if you put out quality information consistently for an extended period of time.

From my perspective, I think people underestimate how much can be done in 1 year while overestimating what they can get done in 3 months.

To put this theory to the test, I accepted the challenge to see if it is true that I can bring enough value to people over the course of the following year to replace a full-time income.




Bringing clarity and understanding to financial and business topics.

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John Allen

John Allen

Bringing clarity and understanding to financial and business topics.

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